Holly Class

Summer Term Weekly Challenges!

Family tree
I have always known how important my family is to me but during this time it has highlighted it more. Look through some family photos old and new remembering places you have been together and funny stories. You can then use these to create your family tree either on the template provided or by creating your own. We will be learning about relationships in the Autumn term so this will give you a head start to this topic.
Family Tree PDF

Easter Production Sound Tracks
Just because the Easter Play has been postponed, it doesn’t mean you can’t listen to the wonderful music your children have been creating!
Songs From The Mamma Mia Production

Making A Cold Drink
Due to the lovely weather we are having, it might be nice to make some cold refreshing drinks.
Making Cold Drinks

Learning Something New
Now is a perfect time to learn something new and here are some suggestions and challenges that you can take part in. You can also achieve an ASDAN Life Skill Challenge!
Learning Something New

Home Management
These are challenges that require your child to help out with housework or experience household cleaning in a sensory way.
Home Management

Cooking – Making Soup
This activity is to make different soups. Choose the ASDAN Life Skill challenge that best suits your child’s needs and abilities.
Cooking – Making Soup

Art – Textiles
Using textiles to Create a collage and experiencing a multi-sensory environment.
Art – Textiles

Music – Kitchen Equipment
The ASDAN Life Skill Challenge – Creating musical sounds and rhythms using kitchen equipment.
Music- Kitchen Equipment