All Pupils at Ash Lea School have an Education, Health and Care Plan.

Children are admitted to special schools with an ‘Education, Health and Care Plan’ which names the special school. Before an EHC Plan is issued, the child or young person will have undergone formal assessments. After this multi-professional assessment, parents will receive a draft plan describing the child’s or young person’s special educational needs and the various elements of special educational, health and social care provision required.

When considering a parent’s preference, the Local Authority (LA) will need to be sure that the school named by the parent can meet the pupil’s special educational needs and that the placement is consistent with the provision of suitable education to other children and young people already at the school. The LA also needs to be sure that the placement is compatible with the efficient use of available resources.

All special schools have a SEND information report which includes lots of information about the school.

Before reaching its final decision on admission to a special school, the LA will consult with the headteacher of the special school to ensure that all needs can be met.

Information on the assessment and EHC process and how parents can be supported within it, is available from the LA.

Pre-admission process

  • Parent telephones the school if their child has an EHCP or an EHCP is in progress.
  • Parent completes the Basic Information Form and return to the reception (email –
  • If no EHCP refer back to school SENCO or SEND at the LA
  • Book date for visit (without child for first visit)
  • If parents wish to take this further they would need to go back to their school SENCO, early years inclusion support or the LA. The LA will then consult with the headteacher and a 2nd visit may take place. The school may also visit the child in their current placement to gather further information. Once a place has been agreed a transition will take place.

Transitions Programme:

  • Tailored to each individual child
  • Some pupils will require a longer transition than others
  • Transitions will always be arranged with the parents and staff at the current placement
  • Transition visits will be supported by staff from the current placement
  • Visits will increase in duration and frequency as the programme progresses.

Within seven weeks of entry:

  • An Individual Education Plan will be written
  • A settling in review will take place

Click the links for further information on Nottinghamshire County Council admissions or SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities), alternatively telephone the Local Authority SEND team on 0300 500 8080.