Pine Class

New Year Lockdown – Home Learning

Week Commencing 1st March 2021


Good Morning Song: Good Morning Song for Kids (with lyrics) | The Singing Walrus – YouTube

Days of the Week Song: Days Of The Week Song – YouTube

Emotions Song: Feelings and Emotions Song for Kids | Kindergarten, Preschool & ESL | Fun Kids English – YouTube

Weather Song: Weather Song For Kids: The Sun Comes Up! – YouTube


Literacy / Phonics

Songs / Videos

Mr Tumble Alphabet Song: CBeebies | Mr Tumble’s Alphabet Song – YouTube

Alphablocks (YouTube): Can you sound out and blend the words?



Can you sort pictures by their initial sound? SOUND SORTING.

-Can you find the rhyming words on this game? Cake Bake ( (Login: jan21 Password: Home)

-Can you say each of your phase 2 sounds? Flashcards Speed Trials (

-Can you tell what the sounds are in this listening game? Listening Game 4 – Phase 1 Phonics – Listening and Attention Skills – YouTube

-Read “The Enormous Turnip” or listen to it on YouTube. Can you order the pictures on the STORY MAP?




Count to 20 with Matt: Let’s Count to 20 Song For Kids – YouTube

Count to 20: Count And Move (HD) | Super Simple Songs – YouTube

Count to 100 with Captain America: 1⃣0⃣0⃣ Learn To Count To 100 With Captain America 🇺🇸 Superhero Sing Along Songs – YouTube

-Can you pop the numbers an adult says on this NUMBER POP game?

-Can you count the space items and find the correct number in this COUNTING IN SPACE game?

-Can you count the items in these COUNTING SCENES? Can you use mathematical language? E.g. How many boats can you see? Are there more boats or people? Are there less bananas or pears?


Physical Development

-Can you do a “Just Dance” video on YouTube?

-Build Your Body and Brain with Jack: Build Your Body and Build Your Brain | Fitness Song for Kids | Jack Hartmann – YouTube

-Can you take part in a Cosmic Kids Yoga video?

-Can you Move and Freeze? Brain Breaks – Action Songs for Children – Move and Freeze – Kids Songs by The Learning Station – YouTube

-Can you join in with this Playdough song to help make your fingers strong? Fine motor development | Playdough song | If you’re happy and you know it – YouTube


Other Activities

-Can you make your own playdough, you could use this recipe: PLAYDOUGH RECIPE.

-Can you do something kind for someone you know? What will you do? How will it make them feel?




Week Commencing 22nd February 2021


Good Morning Song: Good Morning Song for Kids (with lyrics) | The Singing Walrus – YouTube

Days of the Week Song: Days Of The Week Song – YouTube

Emotions Song: Feelings and Emotions Song for Kids | Kindergarten, Preschool & ESL | Fun Kids English – YouTube



Songs / Videos

Mr Tumble Alphabet Song: CBeebies | Mr Tumble’s Alphabet Song – YouTube

Alphablocks (YouTube): Can you sound out and blend the words?



· Read your favourite story? Who are the characters? Are they kind or horrible? Ca you talk about what they look like?

· Can you mark make or draw a picture form your favourite story?

· Can you hear and write any of the sounds from the title or character’s names? Or can you trace the sounds if an adult writes them for you?

· Can you identify all the sounds in this video before they tell you what they are? Listening Game – Phase 1 Phonics – Listening and Attention Skills – YouTube

· Can you find all the pictures that start with “a” on the A INITIAL SOUND I SPY?

· Can you find all the pictures that start with “s” on the S INITIAL SOUND I SPY?

· Can you read the words on I SPY AND READ and find the picture?



· Do you have playdough? Can you roll a dice, or use this interactive one: Dice & Spinners Interactive (, can you make the correct number of playdough balls? Or you could have an adult make them and you can splat each one as you count.

· Can you do the right number of claps or jump? Remember to stop!

· Can you count the number of claps an adult does? Can you find the correct number on this NUMBER LINE?

· Watch this addition video: When You Add with a Pirate (addition song for kids) – YouTube can you help to answer the questions? Can you answer some addition questions of your own? You could use toys, cubes or draw circles to help you to count.



· Can you do a Cosmic Yoga Kids Video on YouTube? · Can you take part in this finger exercise video? Finger Fitness Exercise Dances for Kids – YouTube · Can you workout with Captain America while you count? 1⃣0⃣0⃣ Learn To Count To 100 With Captain America 🇺🇸 Superhero Sing Along Songs – YouTube



· Can you create your own version of these Kandinsky / Kandinsky inspired paintings?



Week Commencing 8th February 2021



· Phonics Song KidsTV123

· Phonics Song – Alphabet signing with Mr Tumble

· Phonics Hero

· Barefoot Books


· Read “The Three Billy Goats Gruff” or watch it on YouTube.

· Can you talk about the characters: Are they nice or horrible? How do the characters feel?

· Can you write something that the characters say in the SPEECH BUBBLES – PDF, or ask an adult to write for you?

· Can you use these STICK PUPPETS – PDF to act out the story?

· The troll was unkind to the goats, what did he do that was mean? What could he do that is kind?


Listen to this video: Phonics | phase 2 | set 2 words | learn to blend | letters and sounds | cvc words s a t p i n m d – YouTube can you blend the sounds together to make the word? · Watch this initial sounds video: Phase 1 Phonics I Spy Game (Initial Sounds Game) – YouTube can you find the objects that start with the sounds the man says? · Can you say or sign your phase 2 sounds? Flashcards Speed Trials ( · Can you match the word and picture? Pick A Picture (

Phonics Play Log in: Username: jan21 Password: home


Can you count to 20 with Matt? Let’s Count to 20 Song For Kids – YouTube · Roll a dice or use this interactive one: Dice & Spinners Interactive ( can you do the correct number of claps or jumps? · Can you subitize (see how many there are without counting) the dots in this video: Subitize Up to 5 (soo-bi-tize) | Math Song For Kids | Jack Hartmann – YouTube

· Can you build a tower? How many bricks tall is it?

· Can you build a tower that makes a pattern e.g. red, green, red, green · Can you carry on the pattern? Play Pattern Match – Colors (


· Can you complete these PENCIL CONTROL – PDF sheet?

· Can you make lines, shapes, letters or numbers with chalk, paint, pens or in glitter?

· Can you choose a Cosmic Kids yoga video on YouTube? · Can you dance with Jack and his friends? Let’s Move | Brain Breaks & Dance Song for Kids | Exercise & Fitness for Children | Jack Hartmann – YouTube

Week Commencing 1st February 2021

This week is Children’s Mental Health Week, the theme this year is “Express Yourself.”

How Many Creative Ways Can You Find to Express Yourself?

· Can you create a picture that uses the colour from the Zones of Regulation that you are currently in?

· Can you listen to music that makes you feel happy and move or dance to it?

· Have an adult call out an emotion such as; happy, sad, angry, tired or excited can you make the correct facial expression?

· Have an adult call out an adverb such as; excitedly, angrily, sadly or happily, can you move in this way e.g. stomping your feet for to show how to move angrily.

· Tell your parent or sibling 5 good things about them, listen to them tell you 5 things they like about you.

· Friday 5th February is “Dress to Impress” day. What will you wear?



· Read “The Colour Monster” or listen to it on YouTube.

· Discuss the different feelings the colour monster had, what makes you feel this way?

· Which feelings are nice? Which feelings ae not nice?

· Which colour would each emotion be placed in using the Zones of Regulation?

· Draw, paint or write about one of the emotions, can you hear any of the sounds in the word? E.g. “s” for sad.

· Practise writing your first or last name, you could do it on paper, in sand, in glitter, in flour, outside with chalk or even in paint!

· Practise your phonics sounds (set to phase 2) on phonics play. Username: jan21 Password: home
Flashcards Speed Trials



· Phonics Song KidsTV123

· Phonics Song – Alphabet signing with Mr Tumble

· Phonics Hero

· Barefoot Books



· Hip-Hop Around the Clock | Learn How to Tell Time | Jack Hartmann – YouTube Watch this telling time to the hour song.

· Do you recognise the numbers on the clock?

· You could make your own clock, can you put the numbers in the correct order? Can you make an O’clock time? Here is a template: MAKE A CLOCK – PDF

· Can you TELL THE TIME – PDF on this clock worksheet?

· Talk about your routine e.g. do you get up in the evening or the morning? Do you go to school at night time?

· Use these ROUTINE CARDS – PDF to help you order your daily routine, can you use “next” or “then?”


Physical Development

· Can you do this dough disco? Let’s Go To The New Dough Disco – YouTube

· Can you join in with this Cosmic Kids Yoga video? Thought Bubbles | Cosmic Kids Zen Den – Mindfulness for kids – YouTube

· Can you blow bubbles? If an adult blows them for you, can you pop them by stretching high, crouching low, with your fingers or with your feet?


Other Activities

· Can you remember the colours in The Colour Monster? Can you spot any of these colours in your house or outside? Where did you find them?

· Can you recreate a picture from The Colour Monster?

· Can you make a pizza using the PIZZA RECIPE – PDF attached? What toppings do you like? Can you touch, smell and taste some new ones?

Week Commencing 25th January 2021



· Phonics Song KidsTV123

· Phonics Song – Alphabet signing with Mr Tumble

· Phonics Hero

· Barefoot Books 

The Three Little Pigs

· Read “The Three Little Pigs” or watch it on YouTube.

· Who are the characters in the story?

· Can you describe the characters? Who is mean? Who is Kind? Who is clever?

Characters and Zones of Regulation

· How do the pigs feel when they have built their houses? What zone are they in?

· How do the pigs feel when the wolf blows down their houses? What zone are they in?

· How does the wolf feel when he is shouting “I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down!” What zone is he in?


· Can you make the pigs out of playdough?

· Can you make a house for the pigs out of playdough?

· Can you make three different sized pigs and line them up from biggest to smallest?

· Can you make the letters in your name out of playdough?

· Can you write the letters in your name on paper, in glitter or flour or on the ground in chalk? · Can you move like an animal? You could copy this video: Animal exercise for kids with animals – YouTube

· Can you join in with a Cosmic Kids Yoga video?

· Can you join in with a Just Dance video?


Roll a dice or use this interactive one: Dice & Spinners Interactive (

  • Can you make the correct number of balls of playdough?
  • How many would there be if there was one more?
  • How many would there be if there was one less?
  • Can you write the number you have made on paper, in flour or glitter or make out of playdough?

What shapes can you see in the 2D shape pictures of the DRAGON – PDF, PIG – PDF and TEDDY BEAR – PDF

  • How many sides do they have?
  • How many corners do they have?
  • Can you make a 2D shape picture?


Other Activities

Listen to music from other cultures, for example:

This African Drumming video: Jalikunda African Drums take the Montserrat African Music Festival by storm – YouTube

· Or this Scottish Bagpipes video: SCOTLAND THE BRAVE ⚡️ PIPES & DRUMS ( HD )⚡️ – YouTube

· Can you paint a picture of a character from your favourite story?

Week Commencing 18th January 2021


  • Can you read Zog or watch it on YouTube?  
  • Discuss the story 
  • Who are the characters? 
  • What might happen next? 
  • Why do you think that? 
  • What is happening in the picture? 
  • Try some of the activities from the pack: 

  • You could also read or watch stickman and answer the same questions.  
  • Watch Alphablocks, can you read the words? 
  • Share stories together, does your child turn the pages, do they enjoy it if you use different voices for different characters? 
  • Does your child have a favourite story? Can you discuss it? Can you draw or create a character from it? 




Big Numbers Song  

Ten Little Numbers 

Number Counting Spaceships 1-10 



Shape Songs 1 & 2 Kids TV 




  • In your garden, can you:  
  •  Find 7 stones? 
  • Find 10 leaves? 
  • Find sticks to makes a square and a triangle?


  • One Less – Roll a dice, can children count out the correct number of objects. Can they tell you how many there would be if one was taken away? If not, can they take one away and count again? 

Other Activities 

  • Listen to music from different decades, which does your child enjoy? 
  • Try this Cosmic Kids Yoga video:
    (108) Frozen | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure! – YouTube
  • Create a scene from your favourite story or explore the textures of materials from the scene.  
  • Continue to mark make on paper, in four or glitter or on the ground with chalk – can children create vertical and horizontal lines, circles and letter shapes? 

Week Commencing 11th January 2021

Below are some ideas for activities for the second week of home learning. Many of the links to songs and stories remain the same in order to main the repetition that children that children would experience in school. There are also some new ideas. We hope you enjoy the activities. 


Phonics Song KidsTV123 

Phonics Song – Alphabet signing with Mr Tumble 

Phonics Hero 

Barefoot Books 


Activity Ideas 

1. You could share this Social Distancing Story to help children understand how we are keeping safe and why some children are not in school at the moment.
Social Distancing Story – PDF

2. You could watch this Alphablocks video 

Can children say or sign the letters in the words? 

Can children read the words? 

3. Children could make any letter shapes, other shapes, lines or squiggles in shaving foam or glitter. Can children make vertical, horizontal and circular lines with their finger? Can children do the same on paper using a tripod grip to hold their pen or pencil? 

 4. Share a story. Can children hold the book the correct way up, turn the pages from right to left? Do children follow your finger from left to right when you are reading? Can children read any of the words? Can they point to a favourite character? You could discuss what might happen next, which was the best part of the story and discuss the pictures.  



Number Songs: 

Big Numbers Song 

Ten Little Numbers 

Number Counting Spaceships 1-10 


Number Shape:

Shape Songs 1 & 2 Kids TV 



Clap 1-10 (or more) times for your child. Can they count the claps correctly? Can they select the correct number on number cards or written down?  

Roll a dice, can children do the correct number of jumps or claps? Do they remember when to stop? 

Give children an amount of toys / fruit or other objects. Can they touch count them correctly? Can they select the correct number card? 

One More – Roll a dice, can children count out the correct number of objects. Can they tell you how many they would have if they added one more? If not, can they add one more and count again? 

Can you go on a shape hunt? Can children name or indicate shapes? How many of each shape do you find? 


Topic (Popular Culture) 

 Can children discuss or indicate what they did over Christmas and what they liked?
Christmas Work Bank – PDF

Watch this Good to be Green Song about Recycling. Can children join in? Can they sort any recycling by type at home? 


Can you make this American Banana Spilt or another recipe from a different culture with your child? Can children make choices about ice cream flavours, toppings etc? Can they tell you if they enjoyed it and which parts they liked best? 

American Banana Split – PDF

Week Commencing 6th January 2021

The information provided below is based on the current learning routines for Pine class.  There are lots of links to songs, which we tend to use a ‘punctuation’ throughout the day, giving the class signals about what we are about to do/learn.

Below is a list of ideas for activities that you could do with your children whilst at home.  It is by no means exhaustive, but hopefully will provide you with enough ideas for variety as well as lots of repetition, which is essential.  The key here is to make the learning successful so they can show you what they know, lots of praise and gradually making it a little more tricky! For example offering 3 choices of answer instead of two.

The class team are currently working on recording themselves reading their favourite stories so watch this space!



Phonics song (KidsTV123) (2m59s)

Phonics song – alphabet with signing Mr Tumble (2m57s)

Alphablocks – lots of episodes to choose from  e.g.

Word magic – S.A.T

Learn to read – one syllable words

Phonics Hero’s

Barefoot books – Singalong collection – lovely illustrated songs



Story videos – Claire reading:

‘Edwina the Emu’ – by Sheena Knowles and Rod Clement

Mark making/ Writing – Encourage children to make vertical, horizontal and circular marks/lines, letter of name, numbers

Sensory tray – flour, semolina, shaving foam, squirty cream

Whiteboard – encourage tri-pod pencil grip

Laminated alphabet boards – Practise letter/ number shapes

Letter formation worksheets (Twinkl)

Sharing story books – does your child hold the book the right way up, open and turn pages from right to left, are they following you finger when reading left to right, can they read some of the words? Ask questions about the pictures, can they guess what is going to happen next? But mostly..enjoy!

Fine motor skills

Shapes sorter

Threading beads

Number (wooden) pegs – Number cards 1 – 10 – children attach required number of pegs to each card

Sensory trays with small objects in (Shaving foam etc) remove objects using tweezers/tongs

Wooden cut out Puzzles



Songs – we use these songs in class

Big numbers song – KidsTV123

10 Little Numbers (1.55)

Number Counting Space Ships 1 – 10 (2m21s)



Shapes Songs 1 & 2 – KidsTV123



Money song – UK

Money song (aliens) (4m30s)



Days of week song

Months of the Year

Clock song (1m35s)

Telling the time song (2m28s)


Counting songs – using finger count

1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive

Ten in a bed

Monkeys on the bed

10 green bottles


Interactive websites:

Top Marks – Early Years Activities Maths and Literacy

Maths: Teddy counting, Shape monsters

Literacy: Phase 2 phonics,

White Rose Maths – Parent workbooks – Year 1 – Autumn resources



Number cards 1 – 10 – sequencing

Matching quantities to the number  – use fruit/veg/coins/toys/cutlery

Sets of 3 – use mugs/plates/ pans/fruit/veg/cutlery etc

Talk about the shapes of everyday objects (2D and 3D )when eating or cooking

Big/small    big/bigger/biggest     small/smaller/smallest

One more/ one less

Cooking/baking simple recipes

Sorting coins – different colours/shapes/sizes

Silver – 5p/10p/20p/50p   – start with two different and gradually build up/ talk about the differing values/ play shops or cafes – exchanging money for goods

Talk about the date/day/month – special things that happen this month

Talk about daily routine – when do we do? Morning/afternoon/evening

Talk about the clock – analogue and digital – o’clocks

Big (minute) hand/ small (hour) hand

Week Commencing 20th July 2020

Here is the final week of activities before the summer. You have all done amazingly well with your home learning and the Pine class team are so proud of you all, whether you have been in school or working at home. The last week is another food based one! Can you make a picnic that you can share with your family at home in the garden or take to the park! We’d love to see a picture!
Here are some activity ideas for you to get involved in at home……

You could have a teddy bears picnic. This might be in the garden, at the park or you might even want to use a pretend tea-set and roleplay at home!
Teddy bears picnic – PDF

You could have a go at this cake pop recipe and eat them at your picnic.
Cake pop – PDF

After your picnic you might like to go on a scavenger hunt to see what you can find in the garden. Can you find anything that isn’t on the list?

Here are some of our favourite songs of things you might see whilst at your picnic:
Picnic songs – PDF

Some stories on YouTube for you to enjoy. You might have the actual book at home and could ask an adult to share it with you. You may want a change of scenery and read it in the garden or at the park.
Picnic stories – PDF

Week Commencing 13th July 2020

This week your challenge is to write a letter or make a card for someone you haven’t seen in while. Have a look at some of the other activities you can have a go at!

Here are some ideas and activities that can help you with this weeks challenge:
Letter Activities – PDF

You might also want to pretend to work in a post office, here are some ideas on how you can create your own post office
Post office imaginative play – PDF

This weeks story is The Jolly Postman and other peoples letters which can be found on YouTube:
The Jolly Postman – PDF

This weeks songs are all songs that we love to listen to in class with a friends theme:
Songs about Friends – PDF

Week Commencing 6th July 2020

This weeks whole school challenge is…………… Cook or decorate a cake – Can you make your favourite muffins, cook your favourite cake or decorate your favourite biscuit! Below you will find some activities with a food theme, I hope you enjoy them and manage to send me some pictures before you eat them!

Mug cake – Here is a cake recipe, which doesn’t require many ingredients and doesn’t take very long to make and cook!
Mug cake – PDF

Gingerbread Playdough – Instead of making gingerbread biscuits why don’t you have a go at making gingerbread playdough?! Here is a recipe and some ideas of what you could do when you have made your gingerbread playdough.
Gingerbread playdough – PDF

All these songs have a food theme – so maybe don’t listen to them unless you have eaten!
Food songs – PDF

This weeks story is Handa’ s surprise which has instructions to help so that it can be made more sensory!
Handa’s Surprise – Video

Week Commencing 29th June 2020

I hope you had lots of fun being outside last week, this weeks whole school challenge is……
Paint or make a self-portrait – Have a look in a mirror and see if you can make a picture of yourself using whatever you have at home.

We also have some activities and ideas below for you to have a go at!

Miss Evans is reading the story “I like myself” this week.
I Like Myself – Video

Here is a playdough recipe that we use in school and some ideas on making different faces with your playdough, see how creative you can be!
Playdough Recipe – PDF
Playdough Faces – PDF

Have you got some mirrors in your house? What can you see in your mirror? Can you make a funny face or copy an adults funny face?
Mirror play – PDF

There are some more body activities and ideas for you to have a go at!
Activities about me and my body – PDF

Here are some songs about the body that we like in Pine class, hopefully they will get your body moving too!
Body Songs – PDF

Week Commencing 22nd June 2020

This weeks whole school challenge is Nature Art – go outside and collect some interesting objects. Can you find stones, leaves and twigs? Use these to make an original piece of art.
There are some more ideas for activities involving natural resources and being outdoors and some songs and a story for you to watch. Have a lovely week!

Grass Heads – Have a go at making your own grass head, see how much hair grows and maybe practice your scissor skills if it grows enough!
Grass Heads – PDF
Grass head symbols – PDF

Bird Feeders – This activity is taken from the Cbeebies website, you could choose one of the bird feeders to make, hang it in your garden and see what birds come to visit!
Bird feeder activity – PDF

​More nature activities – Here is a sheet of some more activities that you might like to have a go at.
More nature inspired activities – PDF

This weeks songs are nature inspired, have a listen and see which ones you like and don’t like.
Nature songs – PDF

This week we have the Tale of Christopher Nibbles for you to have a look. This version of the story is on YouTube and uses puppets – I wonder if you can find any dandelions when you go on your walks?
Tale of Christopher Nibbles – PDF

There is also the sensory story ‘Wild’, by Emily Hughes. ‘Wild’ tells the story of a girl raised in the forest, who finds life in a house very strange! Enjoy the story, and find the sensory props and activities on the ‘Wild – with notes’ page.

Wild sensory story – PDF
Wild sensory story (with notes) – PDF

Week Commencing 15th June 2020

This week’s whole school challenge has the theme Splash! Have fun with water – hopefully the weather is good for this one! Get the paddling pool out, have a water fight or float a boat! Here are some things for you to watch and try at home. Don’t forget to send Miss Evans pictures!


This week Miss Evans is reading the story “row your boat”, I hope you enjoy it, you might even want to make your own boat!

Row Your Boat – Video


In Pine class we love bubbles! Have a go at making your own bubble snakes

Bubble Snake – Video
Bubble Snake – PDF

Have fun Mark Making with a difference using Ice Paints! –

Ice Paints – PDF


Here are some of Pine class favourite songs that have a water theme.

Water Songs – PDF

Week Commencing 8th June 2020

Hello Everyone!

Although some children will be spending more time in school we will continue to put resources and activities onto Pines webpage for you to access. On a weekly basis there will be new activities and resources that may link to the weekly challenge but also activity ideas to do at home and staff will continue to do videos, book readings and zoom calls.

This week’s weekly challenge is: Books and Stories
Your challenge is to recreate your favourite book cover – using anything you can find in the house to recreate your favourite book cover.

Please remember to send Miss Evans photos of your activities or upload it on to Evidence for Learning so we can see you taking part in the weekly challenge and website activities!


Miss Evans has found things from around the house to use alongside the story “That’s not my puppy……” Join in with her by watching the story and finding your own props to use.
“That’s not my puppy!” – Video

Cooking/Messy play

Gruffalo’s crumble – Here is a recipe to make your very own Gruffalo Crumble. Alternatively, if you didn’t want to cook you could have a messy play version of the crumble with cereal, flour, raisins, bowls, spoons etc
Gruffalo Crumble – PDF


Teddy bears picnic – Find the teddy bears picnic song on Youtube, help to make a picnic, find your favourite teddy and all enjoy a picnic and stories together!
Teddy bears picnic – PDF

Barefoot books
Here is a list of some of our favourite stories that we listen to in class.
Barefoot Books – PDF

If you haven’t already have a go at book bingo which is further down the page!

Week Commencing 18th May 2020


Class 2 at the Zoo – Miss Evans reads this story by Julia Jarman


Lets get out in the garden and make some mud pies! Don’t worry if you haven’t got a mud kitchen in your garden Miss Evans has created some mud kitchen recipes that you can make with things that you might find in your garden or on your walks. There is also a song that you can sing when making your creations. Can you make your own mud pie recipe? Don’t forget to send in your pictures to Miss Evans.

Mud Pie Recipe – PDF
Mud Pie Song – PDF

Week Commencing 11th May 2020


Phonics awareness songs through song and rhyme –
These songs will help to build awareness of the alphabet sounds and names, words that rhyme and words that sound the same. A few of the songs will be familiar as we use them in class. I hope you have fun with them.

Phonics Awareness Through Song and Rhyme – PDF


Rocky Road Method and Ingredients symbols – have a go at making this tasty treat, explore the ingredients, practice your fine motor skills and see what happens when you melt the chocolate

Rocky Road Recipe – PDF
Rocky Road method and ingredients symbols – PDF


Book Bingo – have a go at book bingo, don’t worry if you don’t have all of the stories you might find the audio version or a story on YouTube. You could read the stories outside, in your den or with an adult and cross it off when you have read it. Don’t forget to send me a picture!

Book Bingo – PDF

Week Commencing 4th May 2020


Share books at home or see if Miss Evans has chosen your favourite story to read. There are also stories on other classes pages that you might like too!
Noisy Bottoms – Video Book
Bear Hunt – Video Book


Here are some songs that we like to sing in class. See if you can find some props around the house to go with the song!
Number Songs – PDF


Have a go at some of these activities and send some pictures so that Miss Evans can see what you have been up to!

Easter Card – PDF
St Georges Day – PDF
Mark Making Ideas – PDF

Stop And Go

Put on their favourite music, pause it at intervals and wait for communication of ‘more’. Wait for vocalisations, facial expressions, body language, use the symbol board or their communication aids, then start the music and dance again as soon as they have asked for “more”. Use other favourite songs of theirs and have fun! Here are a few of Pines favourite songs:

Uptown Funk – YouTube Video

Auli’i Cravalho – How Far I’ll Go – YouTube Video

Can’t stop the feeling – YouTube Video

Farmer Rock Anthem – YouTube Video

Stop and Go Symbol Board – PDF File


New Tasks – Week Commencing 27th April

Here are some new activities for this week, “Mark Making Ideas” (more like trouble!) and some “Number Songs” that you use in class and can now use at home!

I hope this prove useful and keep you busy, at least for a little while!

Mark Making Ideas                                  Number Songs

A Bear Hunt

Bear Hunt Video

Saint Georges Day

Some activity ideas for you for Saint Georges Day!

Easter Card

Make your own nature inspired Easter card!

Noisy Bottoms!

Miss Evans reads Noisy Bottoms. 

Jo’s Message

Jo’s Pets!

Rainbow Challenge

Click here for a rainbow making challenge from Miss Evans!

Dough Disco!

Check out the following YouTube channel for some exciting videos and daily live streams! “Dough Disco” has some great content that will help keep you and your children entertained through these tough times. They have live “Dough Disco” sessions every day at 9:30am and also a story session at 1pm.

Click here to access the Dough Disco YouTube Channel

Bug Hunt!

Miss Evans had her lunch in the garden, what about you?