Individualised Learning and Individual Education Plans (IEPs)

The Ash Lea curriculum pathways are not defined by age, but by need; pupils are therefore able to move flexibly between the pathways at any point of the school journey. Each pupil drives the direction and content of their own ‘curriculum’ as described in the ‘provision’ section of the IEP. Whilst there are whole school ‘topics’, the planning, learning and delivery will differ between classes to meet individual needs. Priorities based on IEP targets, EHC outcomes, pupils’ age, need, motivation and learning style all help to build each pupil’s individual curriculum. 

The Individual Education Plans (IEPs) are drawn from the outcomes in each pupil’s Education Health Care Plan, relevant assessments and other priority areas driven by conversations with parents / carers and other professionals. The IEP structure details areas to be developed and their derivation, what the pupil can currently do, strategies that will be used and the provision that will be in place to meet this target. The IEPs are set on an annual basis through a six-week process in the second half of the summer term. The targets are then reviewed at two assessment points throughout the year. 

During the second half of the summer term, the IEP is reviewed and rated according to progress made against each target by class teams, parents and professionals. Pupils are supported to self-review their IEPs, especially in Year 9 and above. 

The reviewed IEPs are peer-reviewed by teachers and senior leaders to ensure that there is a robust bank of evidence to support accurate judgements. 

IEP Proforma