Individual Education Plans (IEPs)

Every pupil at Ash Lea has an ‘Individual Education Plan’ IEP. Most IEP objectives come from the pupil’s ‘Education, Health and Care Plan’, but can come from other areas if this is explained well within the IEP itself. The IEP details areas to be developed, where these objectives come from, what the pupil can currently do, strategies that will be used and the provision that will be in place to meet this target. The IEPs are set on an annual basis through a six-week process in the second half of the summer term. The targets are then reviewed at two assessment points throughout the year.The IEP is reviewed and rated according to progress made against each target by class teams, parents / carers and other professionals. Pupils are supported to self-review their IEPs, especially in Year 9 and above.

IEP Proforma