Year 7 Catch Up Funding

Year 7 Catch Up Funding 2017-2018

Eligible Pupils: 5                     Funding: £2,500

What was the money spent on?



Switch on (reading) – training for 1 adult
Teacher cover -1 day
1 pupil

  • Increased confidence in reading texts. Pupil has moved from reading1-1 with an adult to reading aloud within a small group
  • Developing phonic skills in sounding out unfamiliar words
  • Increased sight vocabulary
  • Greater awareness and acceptance of turn taking
Sensory resources (these are only just being ordered after sensory assessments with the O.T)
Bubble machine
Light and sound toys
4 pupils
Intended Impact

  • More able to process sensory input.
  • Better awareness and regulation of sensory information
  • Greater engagement in class activities
  • Improved emotional regulation leading to fewer instances of challenging behaviour
  • Greater attainment

Year 7 Catch Up Funding 2016-2017

Ash Lea School

Ash Lea School