School Sport Premium

Primary PE and School Sport Premium 2017 – 2018

Eligible Pupils – 21

Amount Received – £12,808

What the money was spent on:



Lee English
Provision of a specialist coach for 2 PE sessions each week, all year round.
Delivering, multi skills, and games.
• Pupils have accessed specialist teaching which has provided quality teaching of PE
• Pupils experienced a range of sports and activities they may not otherwise have had
• CPD opportunity for staff working alongside the coach which they have embedded into other sessions
• lunchtime clubs have been establish to provide additional opportunity to increase fitness
• A whole school sports day and Comic relief mile events organised; Race for Life planned for the Autumn term
Employment of a sports Apprentice
( 4 days a week)
• Chloe has worked alongside the sports coach, occupational therapist, and physiotherapist and class teachers to increase physical activity across the school. The increase capacity has ensured more pupils can access these sessions.
• More pupils have 1:1 sessions for sensory processing programmes which has ensure there increased awareness around their self -regulation. This is turn has enabled the pupils to participate in more sessions in the classroom.
• Chloe has lead lunchtime clubs for a range of pupils both inside and out. This has encouraged the pupils to be more active and increased their ability to ‘play’ with others.
• Chloe’s training has enabled her to deliver a sports day and other sports focussed events with the sports coach. Her increased confidence and ability to do this on her own next year.
Employment of physiotherapist for 1:1 hydrotherapy sessions (2 primary pupils), transportation to pool, cost of pool• 2 pupils have accessed a water based therapy once a week to promote physical health; joint circulation, opportunity to weight bear, promotion of relaxation. This has ensured they have had access to specialist and minimum risk of further physical ability.£1,800


School Sport Premium 2016-2017

Ash Lea School

Ash Lea School