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Last updated – 18th May 2020

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Inclusive African Adventure Yoga for Children and families, with Makaton – Video

An inclusive children’s yoga session, using Makaton sign language. This session will take you on a Yoga journey, all the way to Africa, to look for your favourite animals. A great addition to your family lockdown home learning schedule or exercise routine.


A document that can be printed and taken with you on your trips out of the house to to explain to other people why you may not appear to be following the normal social distancing rules and hopefully help avoid potentially awkward situations.

Making Your Own Sensory Kit At Home

This guide is for parent carers of children and young people for whom sensory
activities will help them to manage their sensory inputs more effectively.

Making Your Own Sensory Kit – PDF File

Protect Children Online – E Safety Document

This document provides information that will help you with the various aspects of children going online in order to keep them educated on safety and reporting.

Protect Children Online

“Lucy Has a Blue Day” video and “Lucy’s In Lockdown” short story
Ash Lea School uses a book called “Lucy’s Blue Day” to show children that we all feel sad sometimes and that it is ok. They have now made a video of the book to bring the story to life! They have also created a new story called “Lucy’s In Lockdown” to help explain to children our current situation. Please find links to these resources below.

Lucy’s Blue Day – Video

Lucy’s In Lockdown – PDF

The Day Home – A Daily Newsletter For Households
A free, daily newsletter for parents and guardians at home with children, helping to enrich learning with real-life knowledge and skills.

Link To Ash Lea Schools E-Safety Page – Help For Parents

How To Setup Apple Devices To Help Keep Children Safe

List Of Online Education Resources For Home Education – GOV.UK

Six Top Tips – Keeping Kids Safe Online During School Closure

Useful Information For All Parents – Click for more info

Letter To Parents – 30th March 2020

The Sensory Projects – Resources for Parents as you home educate during COVID19

Singing hands will be doing an activity every day at 10.30am. To find out more watch the video by clicking this link!

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