Evidence for Learning

Evidence for Learning is the product we use to record progress for the pupils at Ash Lea School

Parent Portal

Selected evidence is shared by teachers with parents through the Parent Portal webpage

To access the Parent Portal, you will be sent 2 emails, both emails will be from theTeacherCloud (services@theteachercloud.net)

The first email will contain link to a login page unique to your child, please bookmark this link as this is the webpage you need to access each time you want to login.

The second email will contain a password, open the link from the previous email and enter this password. After you have logged in, please click the Change Password link and set a new password.

If you ever forgotten your password or lose your portal link please contact school and we will send a new link and password.

This is what the Parent Portal home page looks likeā€¦

Most information shared with you will be via the Journal tab. Each piece of evidence a teacher decides to share will be listed here. You can submit a comment against each piece of evidence, teachers can then reply to your comments.

If you would like to submit a more general comment please use the Feedback tab, here you can have a broader conversation not linked directly to a single piece of evidence.

You can upload your own evidence through the Upload tab. You can attach an image or video (JPG, MP4 or MOV format) and enter a comment explaining the evidence. When a teacher receives the upload, they can classify the evidence by adding frameworks, tags and their own comments.

Teachers can create summary documents of evidence collected over set periods, if any of these are shared with you they will appear in the Reports tab