Formal Pathway

The Formal curriculum pathway is for pupils with moderate learning difficulties (MLD) and/or ASD and/or additional needs relating to ASD/trauma and attachment and/or social, emotional, and mental health needs. The curriculum is specific to individual pupils and will look very bespoke. Due to pupils’ complexities, they will mostly present with a very spiky profile, and so will often access this in specific subject areas.

Pupils accessing this pathway will have been shown to be working within Key Stage 2 and above of the National Curriculum. They will also be working on or around Ash Lea Step 10 by year 9. Older pupils working at the formal level will pursue accreditation pathways (e.g. Level 1 and 2 qualifications, and potentially GCSEs).

The formal curriculum is subject-specific and we may outsource to other colleges and schools to support our pupils to in their learning, to ensure that they can access the breadth of study and range of resources to achieve their full potential.

Pupils are starting to look at potential for qualifications and future careers from age 14, based on their interests, aspirations, talents and progress made. These will be reflected in the outcomes on Education Health Care Plans, Individual Education Plans and Preparing for Adulthood documents.